Don’t Let Art in Chicago Go Unnoticed

Photo: “100 Faces Project” by Ariana Kraft

Art is a great form of expression and influence and Chicago is filled with it. There are countless exhibits, classes and ways to get involved with Chicago art.

Just recently, the Terra Foundation announced their yearlong initiative to explore impact of Chicago’s art and design legacy.

In Chicago Gallery News, it was stated that a number of exhibitions have been announced including Arte Diseño Xicágo: Mexican Inspiration from the World’s Columbian Exposition to the Civil Rights Era at the National Museum of Mexican Art.

Elizabeth Glassman is the president and CEO of the Terra Foundation. She stated, “We are delighted to be working with so many brilliant organizations to bring Art Design Chicago to life, and to share with new and existing audiences the dynamic artistic history of Chicago.”

I had the chance to speak with artist, Bethani Randolph. She is a senior studying art at DePaul University. She spoke with me about her about art as well as a current project that she is working on, “100 Faces”.

The idea behind this project is to draw one hundred people’s faces in one hundred days. She has been asking friends and family to participate. She is utilizing this project as a way for her to better her techniques.

When it comes to being an artist Randolph said, “I believe my main goal is to have story telling within my paintings, even if it’s just of a face. I’m still able express and put emotion in it.”

Randolph also brought up some important issues when it comes to art and the city. She believes in order to better use art in an effective way and bring people together, there needs to be more funding in schools in order to help students explore art at a younger age.

Art should not go unnoticed, it is important and can be beneficial to all, and shed light on important issues. For example, The Avant-Garde of Human Rights. These types of galleries push for social justice, especially in times with such intense political climate.

Especially in the city Chicago, art should be celebrated and praised. Actions must be taken to allow art to reach others and make progressions throughout the city. Adding programs and increasing funding for schools can be a great starting point.



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